Fur coats, sheepskin coats, jackets, vests of fur and leather

Fur coats, sheepskin coats, fur vests for women

Outwear boutique Etalon Plaza would like to suggest to your attention the wide range of goods for women. In our online store you would be able to find:

Genuine fur coats offered in our store will warm you up even in severe cold and at the same time to underline your style and individuality. Every woman will find something that catches her eye in our online store, as all our models differ by fabric type, length and fit. Every lady will feel a queen in our furs. If you need to buy a fur coat in Khmelnitski, we are here to help!

You would also not be able to resist the temptation to our stylish leather jackets and cloaks. Brilliant sheepskin coats will become your favourite winter garment. Chic fur vests would bring more elegance and luxury into both your everyday and evening looks. Trying on a leather jacket, ordering the sheepskin coat, buying a fur vest or leather cloak is all available to you dear customers!

To learn more about our range you can stop by our store, which is situated in 56, Kamenetska street, Khmelnitski. You can also browse our catalogue. We are trying to provide you only with an accurate information and we do the updates on a regular basis. You can contact our manager and get the detailed information on the chosen item. If you currently can not purchase the product of your interest, you can put it on hold online or in person. And don’t get upset beforehand, if you could find the your size, as we will be happy to deliver it to you , after half of the price is being paid.